Our Story

Triple Step Toward Cure (formerly Triple Step for the Cure) was founded by three California women whose lives have been personally affected by triple negative breast cancer.

After losing her sister and only sibling, Sheryl, to triple negative breast cancer at the age of 42, Lori Flowers and her mother, Carole, knew they had to do something that would not only honor Sheryl's memory but would help educate other young women about this disease and join the fight to find a cure. In August 2009, Lori participated in the 5th Annual Faith Fancher Breast Cancer Challenge around Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. During the event, she met Dr. Melinda Telli, an oncologist from Stanford University who was passing out information about an ongoing clinical trial for triple negative breast cancer patients. Dr. Telli and Lori discussed the need for an organization that would educate the public and assist underserved communities in their fight against this still relatively unknown sub-type of breast cancer. Dr. Telli said that Stanford could help and promised to keep in touch.

When Louisa Gloger was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 2009 she felt as if her world was coming to an end. Not only did she have breast cancer, which at the age of thirty-one was a horrific shock, she had triple negative breast cancer. Prior to her diagnosis she had never heard of this type of breast cancer. Throughout her treatment Louisa knew that she was incredibly blessed to have the support of her community and access to incredible doctors. She wanted to utilize her energy, education, and connections to fight the disease on a larger scale and to help other young women and women of color suffering from the disease. She discussed her ideas for a non-profit with her doctors at both UCSF and Stanford. Dr. Melinda Telli suggested that she meet with Lori Flowers, another young woman of color who had recently lost her sister to triple negative breast cancer and had approached Dr. Telli with ideas of starting a non-profit organization with similar goals.

In December 2009, Dr. Telli introduced Louisa to Lori and Carole. All three women believed that despite the circumstances that had brought them together there was a positive reason they had come into each other's lives. In February 2010, they created Triple Step Toward the Cure.

With Triple Step Toward the Cure, we promise to fight triple negative breast cancer with every step. We hope you will join us.