Step Up & MOVE

Maintain a regular exercise routine. Exercise is one of the keys to longevity and its benefits are many: heart health, weight management, better sleep, improved mood, more energy, reducing your risk of chronic illness, and much more.

What's the best way to get moving? Its up to you! Enlist a fitness friend to work out with or try a group class. Don't waste money on a membership Iif going to the gym isn't your thing, don't waste money on a membership. Get creative! Love the outdoors? Hike, walk your dog, or work in your garden. Want to shake what you’ve got? Learn to Salsa, or Swinghip hop, or Hip Hop. Want something fun yet athletic?. Or Sswim, practicedo yoga, walk your dogor try a martial art, etc. The possibilities are endless. Just remember and try to mix it up by varying your routine so that you don't get bored.

Getting started can be challenging. However, if you stay with it and incorporate activities that you love, it can quickly become one of the things you most look forward to each day.